Do I need reading glasses?

You’re most likely in need of a lovely pair of reading glasses if …

… you’re over age 40. Everyone’s eyesight changes at a different rate, but most people develop presbyopia in their 40s.
… you have blurred vision at a normal reading distance.
… you need to keep your phone, book, or laptop farther away to see properly.
… you have problems reading smaller text in dim light, like the writing we see in restaurant menus.
… your eyes get really tired when reading a book, working at your computer, or doing other close work.
… you’re bombarded by headaches whenever you try to read.

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What strength should I choose?

Our simple strength guide recommends the ideal lenses you should wear according to your age bracket:

Age 35-40: +0.5
Age 40-45: +1.0
Age 45-50: +1.5
Age 50-55: +2.0
Age 55-60: +2.5
Age 60-65: +3.0

If you are in doubt between two different strengths, choose the lowest one. But for a precise pair of lenses, you can book a vision test with an optician to get exactly what your eyes need.

Do you still have some questions?

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