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What are reading glasses?

Reading glasses are lenses that make things like books, phones, or computer screens larger and easier to focus on. They’re commonly used by people who develop presbyopia, which makes it harder to focus on objects up close.

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Are reading glasses the same as prescription glasses?

Reading glasses and prescription glasses might seem like the same thing. But while reading glasses tend to be ready-to-wear and magnify the image in front of you, prescription glasses are specially tailored by an eye specialist for your eyes and your eyes only.

Can I use reading glasses instead of prescription glasses?

It depends! Some people might need prescription glasses, like bifocal glasses or progressive lenses, if their eye condition requires something specially made. But in most cases, reading glasses will be just what your precious eyes need to correct your presbyopia.

Can I get glasses with different strengths in each lens?

Unfortunately our OjeOje glasses are ready-to-wear in strengths 0 to +3 and we’re unable to provide different strengths in each lens.

Can I replace the lens in OjeOje frames?

Because our OjeOje frames are ready-to-wear we unfortunately don’t replace lenses. But if you’re in love with a pair of OjeOje frames, most opticians will be able to give you a proper assessment and change your lenses if possible.

Can I order frames without lenses?

All our OjeOje frames come with a sturdy pair of lenses, but if what you’re looking for is a pair of glasses for style, we do have clear lens glasses.

Can I order glasses without strength?

Absolutely! We have a wide range of clear lens glasses without strength if what you’re going for is a stylish new look!

When do I need reading glasses?

You’re most likely in need of a lovely pair of reading glasses if …
… you’re over age 40. Everyone’s eyesight changes at a different rate, but most people develop presbyopia in their 40s.
… you have blurred vision at a normal reading distance.
… you need to keep your phone, book, or laptop farther away to see properly.
… you have problems reading smaller text in dim light, like the writing we see in restaurant menus. This is more likely as you age, as 60-year-olds need three times as much light as 20-year-olds!
… your eyes get really tired when reading a book, working at your computer, or doing other close work.
… you’re bombarded by headaches whenever you try to read.

What age do most people need reading glasses?

There’s no 'one-age-fits-all' answer, but most people will need reading glasses at some point in their life to compensate for loss of flexibility around the eyes. And this usually starts to be noticeable around the age of 40.

What strengths can I buy?

We offer reading glasses and sun readers in strengths:
+1,0, +1,5, +2,0, +2,5 and +3,0

Is there a big difference between strength +1,0 and +1,5?

The higher the number is – the stronger the power of the lenses. That means +1,5 is stronger than +1,0. And because reading glasses magnify, it means that the higher the strength, the closer you'll be able to see.

What strength should I choose?

Our simple strength guide recommends the ideal lenses you should wear according to your age bracket:
Age 40-45: +1,0
Age 45-50: +1,5
Age 50-55: +2,0
Age 55-60: +2,5
Age 60-65: +3,0
– if you are in doubt between two different strengths, choose the lowest one. But for a precise pair of lenses, you can book a vision test with an optician to get exactly what your eyes need.

How should glasses fit?

Comfortably! When you have bought a pair of glasses from OjeOje, make sure they sit right. Your eyewear frames should line up horizontally with the center of your eyes, and the frame shouldn’t go any higher than your eyebrows.

Does OjeOje sell unisex glasses?

They are! All OjeOje glasses are unisex and can be worn by everyone as long as the frame size is right. All our glasses have a length of approximately 14 cm.

Do reading glasses have to be expensive?

If you only need glasses for reading or looking at other things up close, affordable reading glasses are often all you’ll need. All our OjeOje glasses are of high quality and have a comfortable fit with flexible hinges – and they cost only 35€ for 1 pair and €90 for 3 pairs incl. shipping in the EU.

What makes OjeOje eco-friendly?

At OjeOje, we keep a constant eye on the climate situation and actively source materials that will have the greatest impact. This means that ALL our glasses are made of recycled plastic, which originates from either transparent or colored plastic packaging used in the food and beverage industry. Instead of ending up as waste in a landfill site – or worse, polluting the environment – it is recycled and transformed into our unique, cheeky, always colorful OjeOje reading glasses and sun readers, which you can mix and match to create an extra-eye-catching look.

– We design one-of-a-kind eyewear. Whether it's our reading specs or sunglasses, these cheeky, brightly colored eye-catchers will spread joy everywhere you go.

– All our glasses are made of recycled plastic, which originates from transparent or colored plastic packaging used in the food and beverage industry. 100% BPA and phthalates free.

– We keep a wary eye on the climate situation and strive to have the greatest possible impact with our projects. All our frames are designed in Denmark, then produced and shipped from carefully selected suppliers and manufacturers in Taiwan. We further reduce our CO2 footprint by exclusively using FSC-certified cardboard and paper produced in Denmark and the absolute minimum packaging possible.

– We support the Danish environmental organisation Plastic Change, which fights to achieve ambitious national goals for the reduction and recycling of plastic.

– Each pair of glasses comes with a hand-sewn case made from surplus fabric from the textile company Kvadrat. All profits from the sale of the cases go to Soroptimist International, which works to improve the lives and status of women and girls.

What is recycling?

Recycling is the process of converting waste materials into new materials and products. It could be food packaging, toys, clothes or furniture. A good example is our glasses, which are made from recycled plastics that have previously been by-products like food packaging and screw caps.

What is upcycling?

Upcycling, on the other hand, is about reusing waste materials in their original form. Our glasses cases are an excellent example of upcycling. They are sewn from surplus fabric from the Danish textile company, Kvadrat. The fabric remains as it is, but goes from being leftovers to a new and usable glasses case.

What is GRS certification? 

We are proud to say that our supplier has the Global Recycled Standard (GRS) certification, which guarantees high quality glasses made of recycled plastic, including sustainable production processes, environmentally friendly, and socially responsible working conditions.

Does OjeOje sell blue light glasses?

We don’t sell blue light glasses. Instead, we recommend using Night Shift on your screen and mobile device. Night Shift automatically adjusts the colors on your screen to the warmer end of the color spectrum when it gets dark. This can help improve your quality of sleep.

Do the glasses have a fixed price?

Yes. We always offer you 1 pair for €35 and 3 pairs for only €90 incl. shipping in the EU. You can mix and match your favorite glasses from our cool collection and get your unique look.

Can I mix 3 pairs for €90 incl. shipping?

Of course! Mix and match any 3 pairs from our range of:
Reading glasses, Sun readers, Sunglasses and Clear lens glasses.

Can I try the glasses?

If you’re near us, you can swing by our showroom north of Copenhagen to try our entire collection and get personal help. Please contact us if you want a 1:1 consultation with one of our experts:
+45 60 58 00 96

What shape should I choose?

The best frames should balance your face shape, not mirror it! Let’s say you have a square face. Wearing a square frame will make your look even more square. You don’t have to go in the opposite direction and buy a round frame every time, but there are frames that balance the natural shape of your face. 

Face shape Oval
A master of versatility. Try every frame. Experiment and find your favorite:
Round reading glasses
Square reading glasses
Oval reading glasses
Rectangle reading glasses

Face shape Round
It’s all about edge. Find the perfect contrast with these frames:
Square reading glasses

Face shape Triangular
Bring on the browline! Try these shapes:
Square reading glasses
Oval reading glasses

Face shape Square
Contrast sharpness with softness. Take a look at these frames:
Round reading glasses
Ova reading glasses

Face shape Heart
Think two words: balance and softness. Give these glasses a try and discover your favorite shape:
Oval reading glasses
Rectangle reading glasses

Face shape Diamond
This shape with fuller cheeks is known as the model face! Try these shapes:
Square reading glasses
Oval reading glasses

Face shape Oblong
Get ready for bold, colorful, and oversized frames. Find your perfect match:
Square reading glasses
Round reading glasses

What colored glasses should I wear?

The color of your glasses makes a big difference, changing the way your face looks to the way your outfit stands out. They can brighten up your face and give your look a modern touch. 

Gray hair
Adding more color like orange, blue or green creates a nice contrast and brightens up your face.

Blond hair
Look for lighter and softer colors like sand and green.

Brown hair
Brown, orange or tortoise are fantastic options.

Dark hair
Dark colors as black and tortoise will look great on you.

Ginger hair
Colors such as tortoise, blue and black will work wonders.

Tip: choose glasses in a color that looks good with your hair color rather than your eye color.

How do I clean glasses?

Take care of the environment and don’t buy eyeglass cleaner spray or cleaning wipes! You can easilyclean your glasses with water from the tap and a drop of environmentally friendly washing-up liquid.

How to clean your glasses
 Wash your hands
2. Use warm water (not hot)
3. Use a tiny bit of dish soap
4. Gently rub the soap into the glasses incl. the lenses and temples
5. Rinse the glasses
6. Dry your hands with a towel and wipe your glasses with a clean microfiber cloth
– and voila! Your glasses will be like new – and you will see clearly again!

Why are glasses important?

Glasses are a very important accessory when you’re over 40. Especially if you wear glasses every day. Then they become your most important accessory. And it’s because:
– They’re the front and center of your face, and in many cases the first thing people see.
– They add color to your look.
– They say a lot about your style personality and change the way you look and are perceived.
– They’re an accessory you wear every day, so they need to be WOW!

What are flexible temples?

Flexible arms or hinges are spring-loaded to help the frame fit your face, making the glasses very comfortable to wear. Which is why all our OjeOje glasses have flexible hinges.

Are the glasses nickel-free?

Yes. All our OjeOje glasses are nickel-free.

What are the glasses made of?

All OjeOje glasses are made of recycled plastic, which originates from transparent or colored plastic packaging used in the food and beverage industry. 100% BPA and phthalates free.

Where are OjeOje glasses made?

Each pair of glasses is designed and hand-assembled in Denmark. The glasses are produced with the best suppliers and manufacturers in Taiwan.

Are cheap reading glasses bad for eyes?

Ready-to-wear reading glasses are perfectly safe and can help you focus up close. That means no eye damage, just pristine vision!

What are UV protection sunglasses?

Most people know that the sun can be harmful to the eyes. That’s why our sun readers and sunglasses come with 100% UV protection/UV400 lenses to protect your eyes from sun damage.

What does PD mean?

PD, or pupillary distance, is the distance in millimeters between the center of one pupil to the center of the other. The average adult’s PD is between 62 mm and 64 mm. All OjeOje glasses have a PD of 63 mm.

What glasses should I avoid?

When you try on a pair of glasses, that feeling of 'yeah' should be palpable, and noticeable! That's the idea behind OjeOje: we create eye-catching eyewear and spread joy with brightly colored recycled plastic. So we find that it’s generally a good idea to avoid:
– Outdated frames.
– Frames that droop and create the illusion of gravity going down.
– Half moon glasses.
– Thick lenses – try to get the thinnest pair of lenses you can so they don’t stick out around the frames.

Do you still have some questions?

Should you have any questions, please feel free to contact us:
Mon-Fri: 10am - 3pm
+45 60 58 00 96