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A good eye for cool sun readers +1 to +3

Sometimes, nothing hits quite like that morning or afternoon sunlight on a park bench, reading your favorite book. And in moments like that, you can take care of your eyes and look stylish with our trendy, 100% UV protection reading sunglasses. Our collection of modern sun readers are for women and men who love spending time outdoors, reading away during holidays and free time. OjeOje create eye-catching eyewear and spread joy with brightly colored recycled plastic.

The recycling choice has never been so eye-catching

At OjeOje, we keep a constant eye on the climate situation and actively source materials that will have the greatest impact. This means that all our frames are made of recycled plastic, which originates from either transparent or colored plastic packaging used in the food and beverage industry. Instead of ending up as waste in a landfill site – or worse, polluting the environment – it is recycled and transformed into our unique, cheeky, always colorful OjeOje sun readers and reading glasses, which you can mix and match to create an extra-eye-catching look.

We design one-of-a-kind eyewear. Whether it's our reading specs or sunglasses, these cheeky, brightly colored eye-catchers will spread joy everywhere you go.

All our frames are made of recycled plastic, which originates from transparent or colored plastic packaging used in the food and beverage industry. BPA and phthalates free.

We keep a wary eye on the climate situation and strive to have the greatest possible impact with our projects. All our frames are designed in Denmark, then produced and shipped from carefully selected suppliers and manufacturers in Taiwan. We further reduce our CO2 footprint by exclusively using FSC-certified cardboard and paper produced in Denmark and the absolute minimum packaging possible.

We support the Danish environmental organisation Plastic Change, which fights to achieve ambitious national goals for the reduction and recycling of plastic.

Cool upcycled cases

Each pair of OjeOje sun readers comes in a hand-sewn glasses case, made from upcycled old fabric scraps sourced through the Danish textile company, Kvadrat. The cases are sewn in Denmark by the organization Soroptimist, a global volunteer organization. They work at a local, national and internationallevel to educate, empower and enable opportunities for women and girls. All profits from the sale of our cases go to Soroptimist to support their cause.

Buy 3 pairs for only €90

Everyone has different tastes or different needs. Some love to match their glasses to their outfits. Others like having a pair in every corner of their home. And some lose their sun readers. We know everyone’s needs are different and it’s why we always offer 3 pairs of eyewear for only €90 incl. shipping in the EU. You can mix and match your favorite glasses from our OjeOje collection:
Reading glasses
Sun readers
Clear lens glasses

We always guarantee

• Frames made of recycled plastic
BPA and phthalates free
• Danish design
• 'Eye-catching'-look
• Simple prices
• High quality
• Comfortable fit
• Lightweight
• Flexible hinges
• 100% UV Protection