What glasses to wear?

Reading glasses strength guide

From the age of 40 it’s more likely that your eyes will lose their ability to focus on nearby objects. This is called presbyopia. The good news is that presbyopia isn’t dangerous – it’s just part of the natural aging process of your eyes, and can easily be corrected with reading glasses:

Age 40-45: +1,0
Age 45-50: +1,5
Age 50-55: +2,0
Age 55-60: +2,5
Age 60-65: +3,0 

If you are in doubt between two different strengths, choose the lowest one. But for a precise pair of lenses, you can book a vision test with an optician to get exactly what your eyes need.

What glasses suit my face?

The best frames should balance your face shape, not mirror it! Let’s say you have a square face. Wearing a square frame will make your look even more square. You don’t have to go in the opposite direction and buy a round frame every time, but there are frames that balance the natural shape of your face. 

Face shape Oval
A master of versatility. Try every frame. Experiment and find your favorite:

Face shape Round
It’s all about edge. Find the perfect contrast with these frames:

Face shape Triangular
Bring on the browline! Try these shapes:

Face shape Square
Contrast sharpness with softness. Take a look at these frames:

Face shape Heart
Think two words: balance and softness. Give these glasses a try and discover your favorite shape:

Face shape Diamond
This shape with fuller cheeks is known as the model face! Try these shapes:

Face shape Oblong
Get ready for bold, colorful, and oversized frames. Find your perfect match:

Guide to colored glasses

When it comes to color, reading glasses should add warmth and softness to your face. Go for translucent glasses rather than hard metals, that way they don’t stand out too much, just the right amount to be subtle and stylish.

We have a large selection of reading glasses, sun readers, sunglasses and clear lens glasses in cool colorful tones. These types of colorful glasses are the latest trend – and we are 100% sure it will continue for many years.

Gray hair
Adding more color like orange, blue or green creates a nice contrast and brightens up your face.

Blond hair
Look for lighter and softer colors like sand and green.

Brown hair
Brown, orange or tortoise are fantastic options.

Dark hair
Dark colors as black and tortoise will look great on you.

Ginger hair
Colors such as tortoise, blue and black will work wonders.

Tip: choose glasses in a color that looks good with your hair color rather than your eye color.

The checklist for the best glasses

1. Focus on upward lines or a powerful frame. As we get older, everything tends to fall, so ‘hide’ it with a pair of OjeOje glasses.

2. Think about eyewear as a way to add color and contrast to your style.

3. Get glasses that suit your face shape.

4. In general, the top of the frame should be at the bottom of your brow.

5. Translucent colors are often better than hard metals.

6. Be also aware it’s best to choose glasses in a color that looks good with your hair color rather than your eye color.

But in the end, there aren’t any real rules. Trust your instinct, find what you think will make you shine most! And if you need an extra opinion, we’re here to help.

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